Here we answer some frequently asked questions from guests.
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Guest rooms and accommodations

Do doors to guest rooms have locks?

Yes. All guest rooms are equipped with locks.

Do guest rooms have en suite baths and toilets?

No. Each floor has common restrooms and sinks. The first floor features a shower room you can make use of.
The women's shower room is located on the third floor.

Are there electrical outlets in the guest rooms?

Yes. All guest rooms come equipped with USB outlets and AC outlets.

Will nearby sounds leak into the room?

Sound-blocking walls and doors are in use, so you will not be disturbed by ordinary sounds.

Do guest rooms come equipped with televisions?

No, the guest rooms are not equipped with television.

Can I eat or drink in my room?

Yes, you may.
However, we ask that you please refrain from consuming items with a strong odor, would stain the bedding or walls, or otherwise inconvenience other guests.

Can I control the heating and air conditioning in my room?

Yes, it can be controlled within each guest room.

Do guest rooms have mobile phone chargers?

No. We do not provide chargers. However there are AC and USB outlets in each room.

What do guest rooms come equipped with as standard?

Guest rooms come with beds, multi-function in-room tablets, air conditioners, night lights, USB outlets, AC outlets, hangers, slippers, and trashcans.

Do guest rooms have in-room refrigerators?

No, guest rooms do not come equipped with refrigerators. Note that there are no refrigerators throughout the hotel.

Hotel and surroundings

The hotel is listed as fully non-smoking. Is there a smoking area?

Yes. There is a smoking room on the first floor.

Do you offer an Internet connection?

Yes. We provide free Wi-Fi service at the hotel.
Note that we do not offer a wired ethernet connection.

Does the hotel have vending machines?

Yes. You will find them on the first floor.

Is there a women's-only floor?

Yes. The women's only floor is the third floor.
Note that other floors are used by both men and women.

Is there a public lounge?

Yes. There is a shared lounge on the first floor.

Is there a public bath?

No. We do not maintain a public bath.
Please make use of the common shower rooms.
Note that there is a women's shower room on the third floor.

Is there a coin-operated laundry on premises?

Yes. You will find the coin-operated laundry machines in the first-floor shower room.

What amenities do you offer?

Guest rooms come equipped with jamLabel full-body shampoo, body lotion, cotton swabs, and toothbrushes.

Do you offer lounge wear?

Yes. You will find the hotel's own pajama separates (top/bottom) adjacent to the front desk.

Do you provide towels?

Yes. The shower room on the first floor is stocked with bath and face towels.

Is there a parking lot?

No, we do not maintain a parking lot on premises. We encourage you to make use of a nearby coin-operated parking lot. Please refer to the Kyoto parking lot information site for more details on area parking.

Do the shower booths contain lockers? Do they have locks?

No. We do not have lockers in shower rooms, but the shower booths themselves have locking doors.

Are there women-only shower booths?

Yes. The women's shower room is on the third floor.

Is there an ice machine?

No. We do not have an ice machine on premises.

Booking, prices, and payment

When am I expected to pay?

Please pay upon check-in at the front desk. You can pay in cash or by credit card. If someone other than the guest will be paying, the person will have to pay by the time the guest checks in. Please contact the hotel before arrival.

Are there cancellation fees?

Yes. The cancellation fees are listed below.
- 2 days prior: 20% of the booking cost
- Day prior: 50% of the booking cost
- Same-day: 100% of the booking cost
- No-show: 100% of the booking cost
Note that if booking online, the cancellation policy may differ in some cases. For details on your cancellation policies, please refer to the detailed description of your booking package or details listed in the booking confirmation e-mail you received.

Do you offer online payment by credit card?

Yes, we do. When booking your stay, select "Pay Online via Credit Card" from the payment options. Click here for our FAQ on paying by credit card online.

I want to change or cancel my booking.

If you booked your stay via our web site and selected "Pay in Cash On-Site," you can change or cancel your booking from the "View/Change/Cancel Booking" section of the site. If you booked your stay via credit card, you will be unable to change it online. (You will be able to change it after arrival.) In this case, please cancel your booking and make a new booking. If you booked by telephone, please contact us by telephone to make any changes.

Can minors stay at the hotel unsupervised?

Per regulations by the authorities, minors staying at the hotel require the consent of a parent or legal guardian.
Please present the parent or guardian's consent form at check-in time. If no consent form is provided, we may reserve the right to refuse the booking.
You can obtain a consent form below.
Consent Form on Stays by Minors

What rates apply to children?

Children under elementary school age (up to kindergarten and graduation from nursery school) can share a bed with an adult free of charge.
Note that we limit up to one child per bed. (For single beds, up to 1 child; for twin or other beds, up to 2 children).
Children of elementary school age and older are subject to regular adult rates.
If your party consists of one adult and one child of elementary school age or older, please make the booking for two adults.

Do you offer same day bookings?

Yes. Same day bookings are available, provided we have vacancies. Note that we may be unable to offer a same day booking if we are at full occupancy or have other restrictions.

Can I book online using a corporate name?

Yes. However, you are required to provide both the corporate name and the real name of the guest, as well as a contact address.

Can I use the hotel without a booking?

Yes. We offer same day stays if there are vacancies.

Can we stay as a party of two?

Yes. We offer twin rooms and other configurations equipped for parties of two.

Can we stay as a family?

Yes. However, please note that single rooms have an occupancy of one person, and twin and others rooms have an occupancy or two people.
Children of elementary school age and older are subject to adult rates. If staying as a party of three or more adults, you will require two or more rooms.
Though vacancies are limited, we offer connecting rooms with space for up to four people.

How can I book a stay?

You can book a stay from our official web site, other hotel booking sites, or by telephone. Our official web site always offers the best price, so we encourage you to use it.

Can I extend my stay if I have extenuating circumstances?

Yes. Provided vacancies allow, you can extend your stay. Please check our official web site for vacancies, or contact the front desk.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club Card, and Discover Card.
Note that UnionPay cards are not accepted at the automated check-in kiosks. Please come to the front desk if you wish to use a UnionPay card.

Do you accept debit cards?

We apologize, but we do not accept debit cards at this time.

Do you accept payment using "electronic money" cards like PASMO, Suica, or Edy?

We offer support for iD and QuickPay. Other electronic money methods are not supported.

Use of the hotel

Is this a capsule hotel?

No, we are not a capsule hotel.
Capsule hotels tend to have rolling curtains in front of each capsule (guest room) and no locks. Our hotel offers private rooms that all have locking doors. However, guest rooms themselves are not equipped with en suite bathtubs and toilets. Please make use of the common shower rooms and restrooms.

Is this a business hotel?

We differ from mainstream business hotels.
While our rooms have locking doors and are compact like typical business hotel rooms, they do not come equipped with en suite bathtubs, toilets, or televisions.

Can you hold my luggage after check-out?

Please make use of the self-service baggage storage space on the first floor. Note that use of the baggage storage space is limited to same-day check-in and check-out use.
We waive all liability for the theft or loss of items in the baggage space.

Do you offer coin-operated lockers?

No, we do not.
To store luggage somewhere other than the baggage space, please speak to the front desk. Charges apply.
(Charges range from 200-500 JPY/day and vary by size)

What time is check-in?

Guests can check in starting at 4:00 PM.

How long do I have to check in?

You must check in by 1:00 AM on the day following your booking to be eligible. We may be able to accommodate later check-ins, but you must contact us first. Note that if you do not contact us for over two hours after the stated check-in time, your booking may be deemed cancelled per our accommodation policy.
Please also note that cancellation fees apply to same-day bookings. Thank you for your understanding.
If you expect to arrive later than the stated check-in time, please contact us.

Can I leave the premises after checking in?

Yes. You are free to enter and exit the hotel as needed.
Note that the entrance is locked at 1:00 AM, so you will require your room key to enter the hotel.
Please bring your room key with you when going out.

Is there a curfew?

The entrance is locked at 1:00 AM, so you will require your room key to enter the hotel.

How late is check-out?

Please check out by 10:00 AM.

Can I extend my check-out time?

Yes. You can extend your check-out time in 30 minute increments at a rate of 500 JPY.
Note that we may be unable to offer an extension if we are at full occupancy or have other restrictions.

How do I check out?

To check out, return your keycard to one of the automated check-out kiosks on the first floor.

Do you offer a cleaning service while staying for consecutive days?

Yes, but not until the third day.
However, we will clean the room at your request if you contact the front desk by 10:00 AM.
For sanitary reasons, rooms will be attempted to be cleaned once every third day even if no request is made.

I understand that no room cleaning service is offered for consecutive days while staying in the hotel until the third day, however do you provide new towels and lounge wear?

Yes. We maintain a stock of clean bath towels, face towels, and lounge wear at the entrance to the shower room adjacent to the front desk on the first floor.

Am I required to leave the room at some point during the day during a consecutive stay?

No. You are free to remain in your room if you wish.

Can I stay in the same room when staying for consecutive nights?

Generally, we can provide the same room, but in the event of prior or same-day bookings or extended stays, we may be unable to allocate the same room to you.

Do you offer a dry cleaning service?

We apologize, but we do not.
Please make use of the coin-operated laundry services in the first floor shower room.

Do you accept foreign currency?

No, we do not.

Can I inquire as to the status of other hotel guests?

No. We never disclose personal information about other guests.

Can you ship my luggage to me?

We apologize, but we do not offer postal or courier shipment services. We can provide you with advice on nearby shipment facilities.

What security measures do you have in place?

All rooms feature locking doors. Elevators are equipped with a security feature to prevent non-guests from using them.
The men's and women's shower rooms require that a guest of the same sex use their keycard to enter. Furthermore, each floor is equipped with security cameras.

Do you offer a wake-up call?

No. However you can configure an alarm on the tablet found in your guest room.

Can I walk about the hotel in lounge wear?

Yes. You are welcome to use the hotel while wearing the lounge wear we provide.

Do you serve breakfast?

We apologize, we do not serve breakfast. Please make use of one of the nearby dining facilities.

I have an outside guest; can you send them to my room?

Guest rooms are for the exclusive use of guests and not for visitation by non-guests. Please make use of the common lounge area on the first floor.

Can you make restaurant bookings for me?

We apologize, but we do not handle restaurant or other bookings on behalf of guests.

I think I might arrive later than my expected booking time.

If you expect your time of check-in to be later than planned, please contact the hotel in advance. If you do not contact us for over two hours after the stated check-in time, note that your booking may be deemed cancelled.

Can I send my luggage on ahead of me to the hotel?

Yes. However we only accept luggage on the day before your check-in or on the same day of check-in. Note that we do not accept luggage shipped payable by the recipient on delivery.
Please indicate on the label the sender's name, guest's name, date of stay, and contact address.
Note that we cannot hold cash, valuables, breakables, raw items, or those requiring refrigeration or freezing.
Note that we do not offer shipment service from the hotel, so we are not equipped to receive packages sent with round-trip shipping attached.